Applications Using Dedalus

This gallery contains images from research using Dedalus. Visit our vimeo page to view videos of these and other applications.

If you've used Dedalus in your work and would like to contribute to the gallery, please let us know!

Compressible Kelvin-Helmholz Instability

2D compressible Kelvin-Helmholtz simulation at Re=106.

Compressible convection in a simultaneous Dedalus/Athena simulation

2D compressible convection simulation, in which the top half of the box is simulated using the Athena code, and the bottom half of the box is simulated using Dedalus. The smooth features in the image demonstrate the two codes, using very different numerical techniques, can be stitched together to run a single simulation.

Contributed by Daniel Lecoanet

Radiative/convective interfaces

Internal wave generation by convection in a water-like fluid.